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Will Alsop: The Man Behind the Pod

The team at My Space Pod know that twenty-first century consumers no longer simply demand cheap living space. Their business plan gravitates around the importance of sustainable accommodation, in a world where natural resources are diminishing at an alarming rate, and the world population is constantly soaring to new heights. They also know that the twenty-first century consumer demands style and personality in equal measure, and it is for these reasons that they selected the critically acclaimed and sometimes controversial architect Will Alsop to assist them in their vision.

Something of a celebrity amongst contemporary architects, Will Alsop carved his own niche in the market through his development of brightly coloured, audacious and somewhat unusual buildings. Many of them are strongly reminiscent of the German architectural Bauhaus movement of the early twentieth century and the analogy is justified. Both styles are innovative and unafraid of controversy, but also forward-looking. Just as that post-war movement strived towards a new, idealized modern world, Alsop’s work strives towards a sustainable, creative and individualist form of architecture. It is perhaps this readiness to explore the new, unknown areas of architecture, and his taste for innovation, which attracted the team at My Space Pod to him.

Having designed internationally famous projects, such as ‘The Public’ at West Bromwich, Alsop lent his talents to My Space Pod in order to enhance the modernist, cutting-edge aesthetic of the products, and the team have not looked back since. Alsop’s design weaves style and attitude into the pods, yet at the same time retains their practicality and, perhaps most attractively to modern consumers, simplicity. Alsop and the team at My Space Pod understand that consumers do not want to be alienated by pretentious, overly complicated design work, and so the pod design is simultaneously fashionable and accessible.

Furthermore, Alsop’s minimalistic design allows the pods to surpass other sources of affordable housing in that they are both sustainable and thoroughly environmentally friendly. There is an impressive amount of flexibility in the design of these pods. Alsop incorporates into his design a broad range of renewable energy facilities, meaning that the pod is not only space-efficient but also reduces harmful carbon emissions. The simplicity of the design allows them to be easily adapted in the future, so that one can install other sustainable energy sources, as they are developed. This once again reflects Alsop’s penchant for architecture that looks firmly towards the future, as opposed to falling back upon the unsustainable, fossil fuel-based resources of previous accommodation providers.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Alsop’s avant-garde design of the pods has been an enormous contribution to their success. His artistic vision embodies a great deal of the values of My Space Pod. Yet Will Alsop is only a single facet of this diverse, innovative and environmentally friendly product. There are many components to My Space Pod and, although Alsop has undeniably played a significant role, there are other elements of the business which have also contributed heavily to its unique identity.

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