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Student Pods: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The college and university industry is booming. Ever since the conversion of polytechnics into canonized universities, and the development of a plethora of new qualifications, this sector is expanding at an incredible rate. Not even the recession was capable of restricting its growth. UCAS, the organisation which manages all university applications in the UK, reported that even more students applied for courses during those troubled years, and the figures have no intention of receding. However, amongst all this development and growth of what promises to be a fruitful element of the academic sector, there lies a significant concern. How can universities cope with the costs of this incredible influx of students, without hiking tuition fees to astronomical levels? The solution lies in sustainable development and, namely, the use of space-efficient and affordable accommodation units, such as those at My Space Pod.

One need simply cast an eye over their website to grasp the simplicity and accessibility of the modular systems at My Space Pod. Designed by one of the UK’s most successful and acclaimed architects, Will Alsop, the accommodation units keep development costs to an absolute minimum and are exceedingly straightforward to construct. Whereas other housing projects are time-consuming and, above all, a source of extreme noise pollution, the construction process of My Space Pod units is relatively painless.

This is a highly attractive and practical benefit for universities, as students in their final years of exams most certainly do not want to be disturbed by a cacophony of drills and cranes. Furthermore, the development project need not take up a great deal of space, leaving ‘room to breathe’ on campus for other projects, such as expanded lecture theatres and laboratories. This is due to the fact that the pods, having been developed from decommissioned shipping containers, can slot together seamlessly. This complex of uniform, consistently designed pods is both aesthetically pleasing and eminently practical.

Universities, and of course their students, are true hotbeds for the promotion of sustainable development and care for the environment. Therefore, from an ecological standpoint, this is another area in which My Space Pod lead the way. It would be somewhat hypocritical if the geography department were to teach future generations about the importance of sustainable development, only to construct accommodation which releases harmful carbon emissions. The modular systems at My Space Pod transcend such concerns completely for numerous reasons. The carbon footprint of a My Space Pod unit is extremely small, due to its low transport and construction costs, and the pods themselves are fitted with renewable energy sources. They are also easy to adapt, leaving room in the long term for the instalment of yet more green energy facilities.

These pods are therefore not only a practical and cost-effective investment, but an investment in the future. They are multi-faceted, highly diverse products which cater for both the practical and environmental concerns associated with the expansion of a university or college complex. Sustainable development has never been a more important issue, and the academic sector must not be left behind. My Space Pod offers them the opportunity to lead the way in green technology and student satisfaction - an expansion plan which looks firmly towards the future.

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My Space Pod™ - custom built accommodation made from recycled shipping containers